Gardening and composting

Posted on March 14, 2012by

This blog is designed to be informative and descriptive regarding my “urban compost system” and gardening in my suburban lot.  I am into perenial flower beds, espaliated fruit trees, chickens, bees and vegetables.  My composting system is based on the premise that I can make all the nutritious and safe compost I need in my four bin compost system.  I am constantly seeking new ideas to maximize the production of my garden


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  1. I was wondering if you have any experience with buffalo grass or blue grama? We are going to redo our backyard and want to put in some of this low water grass, but I am having a hard time finding options for purchase in Utah. I would like to purchase sod or plugs if possible. Do you know of anyone that sells it that way? Thanks!!

    • Hi Abigail,

      I have recently spoken to several people who are interested in this grass option but I was on the listening end of the conversations not the know end. I am in the habit of tearing lawn out for planting beds rather than exploring sod options other than the standard blue/rye grass types. I would suggest calling the local nurseries to see if they have any information. I don’t believe anyone local grows these types of grasses commercially but I am not certain. I wish I had more information for you.


      • Thanks Scott for your reply! I am still not sold on putting in grass, but am interested in it if I can find a low water option that I feel good about. We will be putting in a number of raised garden beds, and some xeric perennial beds as well, but I liked the idea of having some grass – oh and I have a spot lined out for compost bins and will likely contact you at that point to purchase a 3 bin system!

        As far as the grass goes, I will call around and see if any of the local nurseries have some information. From my initial searches on The Google, I am not finding a local commercial source for buffalo or blue grama.
        Happy Summer! Thanks again for your reply.

      • Thanks Abigail. I have been following your blog also and am glad you are settling in to your new place. I am pretty sure you can get the grass you need through the mail. They will probably come in plugs that you plant so many inches apart. I think it spreads pretty rapidly.

        Let me know when you need your bin and I will make sure I have one ready for you. Summer is getting busy. If you get the chance come visit me at the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s Market. I am there every other Sunday (I will be there this week 07/01). I bring the three, two and single bins with me to the market if you would like to see them in person.

        You have a great summer also and good gardening.

  2. I admit, I am not as good at remembering to blog as I had hoped. I am just so busy. Glad you are reading it and enjoying it. Getting settled in to the new place is good, but there are still quite a few projects to do. The next big one being the yard. I may end up ordering the grass (like you mentioned, I think I can get them as plugs). However, I am concerned about our two giant dogs tearing up the new plugs. We will just have to keep them off it!

    I will try and swing by the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s market this Sunday. Funny thing, I used to live right around the corner from Wheeler. Never went to it when it was there (pretty new Farmer’s market I think). I will let you know when I am ready for one!

    Thanks again Scott.

    • Thanks Abigail. Hope you make it to the market. It is a nice environment to hang out in all day. They have moved us to the south lawn area and I have yet to see where exactly I will be placed. It changes each week.

      You will need to keep those dogs in check. I found a fully grown eggplant (with blossoms), busted in half yesterday. It seemed like I planted it in an out of the way place but the big dog still managed to find it. Oh well.

      Thanks again

  3. Drew says:

    Scott, I would like to visit with you about getting started on a compost system. Could you give me a call some time. I could not see your contact information on here. I miss placed your card. Thanks ~Drew 801 660-9788

  4. I will give you a call and get you started on this fun project. Thanks

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