Coop Construction Part 2

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThis summer has been one of starting projects and not finishing projects.   I started the new chicken coop in April and have not yet finished the task but I have made a lot of  headway and I am close to completion.  My last coop post left off with my completion of the floor framing.

coop base finishedThe next step was to put down the plywood floor which was nailed to the base.

coop 1I cut holes in the floor for the chickens to enter from under the coop via ramps.  I built the framing for the back wall  to which I nailed plywood and finished siding which I painted barn red.  I then framed the walls, divider and front.

coop 2coop 3I installed linoleum squares to make the floor easier to clean.  It does make the coop a little slick for the chickens to walk on.

coop 5I then framed simple nesting box dividers which I nailed in place which has an exterior door for egg collection.

coop 4coop 6Then the weather looked like rain so I had to get the roof plywood, felt and shingles in place in a day. I installed drip edge before shingling.

coop 7I then installed the rest of the plywood walls and front.

coop 8I made a simple roost bar and nailed it to the floor. I also placed some edging around the floor entrance to keep the wood shavings from falling in the hole.  I built a ramp which has turned out to be a little steep so may have to rethink the angle.

coop 9The new chickens have been laying very small eggs.  Funny but perfect minis.

coop 10For a month or so the new chickens were given the old coop and run while I kept the older hens in a fenced in area with access to the new coop to roost at night.

A week ago I opened the door to the old coop and allowed the birds to meet.  There was a little butt kicking but overall the pecking order was established pretty smoothly and all are doing well.

I am not in a big hurry to finish the coop as the roof and overhang keeps the hens out of the weather and as hot as it has been lately, the ventilation of the open coop is a plus.  All I have left to do is nail siding to one side and the front, paint the rest of the coop and install another roost, one more entrance ramp and two doors.  As fall approaches I will finish the job and get the coop wired for the heated water base and lights.

I will reclaim the wood from the rooftop garden of the old pen which I will use to build the base of a new hoop house I plan to build once the summer season winds down.    All in all this project has turned out pretty well.  This was a design build project with no plans other than ideas bouncing around in my head.  There are always things I would do differently but all in all I am pleased with how it has turned out.  I will install permanent fencing once I tear down the old coop and run.


About urbancompostsystems

I am a retired law enforcement officer who is an avid gardener. I have a compost bin business named Urban Compost Systems. I believe strongly in the concept of growing healthy food and I utilize chickens and redworms in my "compost system". The only ingredients that I need from outside my system are leaves in the fall and some supplemental grass clippings from neighbors. I make hundreds of gallons of compost in my four bin system. I thoroughly enjoy the summer bounty I get from my yard and I take great pride in knowing that I am using my yardwaste to make healthy compost for my yard.
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One Response to Coop Construction Part 2

  1. Adam House says:

    Do you still have worms? I’m looking to start a worm farm soon.

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