Recent garden happenings

blessed sacrament gardenI recently stopped by the Blessed Sacrament garden to fix part of the retaining wall that got ripped out by a truck bumper.  I was very impressed with the production of this first year garden.  It is a big success and the gardeners are excited to get the garden in tip top shape to show off for the first day of school next Monday.

Since summer school ended in early July, I have not been involved in the upkeep of the Westlake community garden.   I learned a few days ago that the garden is a finalist for best community garden.   I am very proud of the school staff and family center women who have taken over and I have successfully put myself out of work until next year (if I am needed).

I have been very busy building baskets and bins and attending the weekend farmer’s markets.  I am continuing to be a vendor at the Saturday Pioneer Park Market and I have switched from the Friday morning Thanksgiving Point Market and I will finish the summer at the Sunday Wheeler Farm Market.   My latest creations are stack able crate style produce storage bins.

potato binMy yard has gone to the weeds and I have been finding a few minutes here and there to weed specific areas which I feed to the chickens.  They love to pick through the weeds and they eat most of them.

chickens and weedsThe chickens escaped their enclosure last week and they found the grapes.   Their jumping up to get the grapes reminded me of shark week.

chickens and grapesI checked on the bees and they are actively producing honey in the top super box.  Most of my bees collect water out of an adjacent bird bath but I found one getting a drink from the poultry water bucket.

bee and watererMy Asian pear tree is full of fruit and even the immature fruit is tasty.

asian pear 1asian pear 2I have begun harvesting the first planting of potatoes in the potato bins.

potato harvestGrowing in bins makes harvesting easy as all one has to do is pull up the bin and dig through the dirt for the tators.  This eliminates having to use a shovel or pitchfork which commonly spears some of the harvest.

potatoes1I love to use a produce harvest basket to collect the potatoes.

dirty potatoesWhich can be quickly washed off with a garden hose sprayer before being brought in the house.potatoes and waterI have been actively turning and screening my compost bins.  I recently used about 60 gallons to compost my new blackberry patch.

composted blackberriesTo close this post I will share a photo of a sunset affected by the Tooele area fires.   There seems to always be beauty found with destruction.



About urbancompostsystems

I am a retired law enforcement officer who is an avid gardener. I have a compost bin business named Urban Compost Systems. I believe strongly in the concept of growing healthy food and I utilize chickens and redworms in my "compost system". The only ingredients that I need from outside my system are leaves in the fall and some supplemental grass clippings from neighbors. I make hundreds of gallons of compost in my four bin system. I thoroughly enjoy the summer bounty I get from my yard and I take great pride in knowing that I am using my yardwaste to make healthy compost for my yard.
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3 Responses to Recent garden happenings

  1. Marcela Montemurro says:

    seems you are having a successful summer, love the pictures and their description.

  2. Adam House says:

    How would beets do in our climate? Ie been thinking about doing beets next year along with a salsa garden.

    • Hey Adam,

      Beets do great in our climate. They are an early season vegetable that can be planted by seed all spring, early summer and again in late summer for a fall harvest. May have to watch the backyard birds as they like to eat the tops when the plants are small. You can eat the whole plant (tops in soups or salads). I also like to plant swiss chard which is in the beet family with no bulb. Also great for salads and soups and are slow to bolt in the summer heat. Good to hear from you.


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