Second sting


To recap, my first bee sting was human error as I decided to check out the hive in the evening hours.  First lesson learned.  I experienced my second lesson yesterday when I decided to quickly add my third bee super to the hive.  I was in a hurry and I decided to not suit up while taking off the inner and outer covers to place the third box on the hive.  Taking the covers off was not the problem as the bees were calm.   The mistake occurred while placing the box on the hive while trying not to squish any bees.  I made the poor choice of blowing on the bees in an attempt to make a few move out of the way as my hands were full.  Lesson is that bees don’t like to be blown on as it is better to simply push them away.   Today the flipping finger on my left hand is swollen with the swelling moving up to my knuckles.  Funny how there was no swelling on the first sting but with this one I am having a much more severe reaction.   Again to reiterate, both stings occurred at the hive while I was doing something stupid.   I am still waiting for my first innocent sting but true self defense is in defense of one’s home as the bees are minding their own business when out in public.

Thanksgiving PointLast Friday was the first day of the Thanksgiving Point Farmer’s Market which is held at the Water Tower Plaza every Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 hours.   The day was a little rainy but overall was nice and cool.

Yesterday’s Downtown Market was also overcast and cooler than usual for this time of year.   The “owl guy” requested I build a donation box for him so I took on the task.  The idea is for him to train a crow to take donations and drop them in the box.  Will see how the training goes but the box turned out great.


The grape trellis I installed for my neighbor is starting to take form as the grape is growing on the three lines.  I attached the vines to the wire with velcro tape you can buy at any garden center.  The vine also attaches itself to the wire with tendrils.


In my garden the raspberries are in full production and I can pick a small container for my morning cereal every day.


We have also been enjoying fresh broccoli.


The yard is in full bloom and I have really been enjoying my cone flowers amongst many other varieties of blossom.

coneflowersI have been tending my mother’s flower pots while she has been out of town.  She does a great job with pots, much better than I.

mompotsLastly for this post, my old dog Whisky is still ruling over the garden barking at all passersby.



About urbancompostsystems

I am a retired law enforcement officer who is an avid gardener. I have a compost bin business named Urban Compost Systems. I believe strongly in the concept of growing healthy food and I utilize chickens and redworms in my "compost system". The only ingredients that I need from outside my system are leaves in the fall and some supplemental grass clippings from neighbors. I make hundreds of gallons of compost in my four bin system. I thoroughly enjoy the summer bounty I get from my yard and I take great pride in knowing that I am using my yardwaste to make healthy compost for my yard.
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2 Responses to Second sting

  1. Tom McCoy says:

    I have reacted worse to each sting as well. We now have an EpiPen just in case someone (maybe me) needs that kind of help. That being said I still like to keep bees. I have not looked to see if I need to add the third super but will now. This appears to be a much better year for honey production than last. I plan on stopping at the Thanksgiving Point Farmer’s Market soon and will stop by.

    • Thanks Tom,  I think you will like the Thanksgiving Point market.  It is new but in a very nice location.  As a kid I stepped on a bee and got stung on a toe.  My whole foot swelled up but I have been stung other times again with nothing happening.  A wasp got me in the lip a few years back and nothing happened for three days but then I woke up to an elephant man lip for a few days.  Funny….Guess I should get an epipen too. See you at the market.  Scott

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