Planting season

I have been busy working to get my own garden and the Westlake garden planted.  I worked with teachers and student groups on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week and we have planted most of the school garden with the exception of pole beans, cucumbers and cilantro.  I over bought a few items so I am trying to find extra space for quite a few onions and lettuce.   Each day brings a new trickle of students who are getting their first experience in gardening and learning where their food comes from.  They seem to be enjoying the planting process.  Today’s adventure in planting involved bush beans, corn, lettuce and spinach.

I have reached an agreement with a good friend to trade my boat and trailer for his flat bed work trailer and other concessions.  It will be a good trade for both of us as I rarely get the chance to take the boat out and I am in serious need of a trailer to transport my compost bins to the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s Market which begins this Saturday.

I will be sad to let the old boat go but it will be in good hands with someone who will use it much more and who is much more mechanically inclined than I am although I have learned a lot over the last few years with that boat.

I have been enjoying the radish bounty and they rarely make it into the house as I eat them in the garden and feed the radish tops to the chickens.  I am looking forward to my first broccoli of the season this weekend to go with the lettuce/spinach salad mix, green onions and herbs.  I still need to plant my peppers, eggplant and a few squash plants.  Hopefully I will find some time this weekend but with the market and Mother’s Day this may be difficult.  I did find time today to rescue a neighbor’s chicken who flew the coop into another neighbor’s yard.  I have very good neighbors who keep an eye out and keep my damn dog away from my chicken coop.

I ended my day today in Herriman watching my seven year old’s baseball game.  Brings back a lot of my childhood memories as he throws the same tantrums when he strikes out as I did (and I struck out a lot back then).   Nice to see this from a different, parent perspective as the behavior does not seem as reasonable now as it did then.   To give him credit today he walked once, was hit by a pitch and he struck out once with no tantrums.  He was in centerfield daydreaming as he had no fielding action today.  He needs another year or so to get into sports although he is now a blue belt in tae kwan do and he is getting very focused and aggressive in sparring.  Unsure if that is a good thing or not as I have to watch out for new moves daily.

I look forward to blogging about my first farmer’s market experience.  Friends are probably tired of me talking about this idea but now I am finally making it a reality.  For someone who has been in the public sector for over twenty years it is very rewarding to now have more control over my life’s course so I can pursue my interests and hobbies.   I would wish myself good luck but I am already experiencing it.


About urbancompostsystems

I am a retired law enforcement officer who is an avid gardener. I have a compost bin business named Urban Compost Systems. I believe strongly in the concept of growing healthy food and I utilize chickens and redworms in my "compost system". The only ingredients that I need from outside my system are leaves in the fall and some supplemental grass clippings from neighbors. I make hundreds of gallons of compost in my four bin system. I thoroughly enjoy the summer bounty I get from my yard and I take great pride in knowing that I am using my yardwaste to make healthy compost for my yard.
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